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Car washes are excellent solutions to ensure that your car looks extravagant as you drive down the road on a beautiful sunny day. Unfortunately, as is the case with hands-free car washes, you start to notice small scratches, paint swirls, and stains that are too stubborn to go away.

You know that amazing feeling you get looking at a car once you leave an automatic car wash and you see how extravagantly clean your vehicle is? You don’t? Well that’s because it doesn’t happen.

What’s missing is that added touch of intimacy and carefully detailed finishing found in personal car washes.

But as we all know, washing your car can prove to be more of a hassle than a joy. The smallest, unpleasant detail can turn your whole mood into disarray, from an oil stain that doesn’t want to disappear, to dirt in impossible to reach places, or faded paint in random areas; washing your car can take a lot out of you.

Here are some great car washing tips to make the process more delightful, and have the end result put you in an exuberant mood.

Don’t Neglect The Evaluation

Probably the most important step, as it sets the precedent to how your whole wash will follow.

This crucial phase let’s you determine exactly which areas of your car deserves more attention, and which requires less.

An effective assessment is the difference between an excruciatingly long, and inefficient car wash, and a timely, productive one. It’s only after you’ve properly judged your beautiful vehicle that you bring the cleaning equipment out.


Overlooking the Label Can Cost You

Reading product labels will save you in the short-term and long-term.

You ever use something simply because someone said it is good to use? Well that may not always be the case. Read the label of anything you’re considering applying to your car.

The reason being, not everything is meant for your car. If you use the wrong materials, you can run the risk of damaging your paint, or causing harm to the outer coating. That extra 30 seconds you take to understand the properties found in some products can save you in time and money down the road.

Only Use the Appropriate Suds

Dish washing soap seems to be the go-to DIY cleaning product for cars, but we advise against it. Due to it’s properties, dish soap is excellent for dishes and cutlery, but produces horrific results for cars, as it removes much of the wax off the exterior, as well as reduces the finishes on your car as well.

It may cost more money up front, but purchasing car-specific cleaning products does wonders for your vehicle. Have a second bucket available with clean rinsing water that you use to rinse the wash mitts after you’ve removed dirt and grime off your car.

Aim for a Glass-Like Finish

When you’ve driven a lot, your vehicle tends to attract grit that builds up in tough areas that a simple wash won’t be able to get rid of. A clay bar kit solves this problem easily, as you can use the synthetic clay found in the kit to rub over the paint.

By constantly rubbing over your paint until the dirt disappears, you’ll slowly start to see your reflection, giving your car the luxurious shine it deserves.

Avoid The Sun

Wisdom would advise you to avoid cleaning your car in sunlight. The reason behind this is that heat produced from the sun will dry up the water and soap left on your car, leaving distasteful marks.

If you want to be disappointed after a thorough wash, keep your car out in the sun while washing it. Your vehicle should be washed in the shade, or in the early morning to minimize any chance of spots forming.

Polishing is NOT Waxing

No this is not the same thing!

For some strange reason, waxing is often misinterpreted as polishing. Waxing protects the finish from a number of elements, while the latter gives your car the best gloss effect possible.

Purchasing a polisher, and using it at a steady speed allows for the compound to be used over an entire area, providing your car with the cleaner necessary to have your car looking it’s best.

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