We are all trying to cope with unprecedented circumstances. Because of this, we feel the need to do our part to help the business community.

At Mobile Detail Solutions, we do more than detail cars. We also sanitize against viruses and other bacteria. In fact, we provide this service for local government agencies.

Our services will become crucial in the next few months. That's why it is imperative that our workers remain healthy.

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Nothing will happen to your heavy equipment and light duty trucks should the coronavirus get onboard. However if not properly sanitized, your vehicle could be a hotbed of coronavirus and other infections and germs. This can be a problematic since equipment can be handled by up 10 employees in a shift whom can than provide the infectious virus to another 50 staff member and so on and so on. We understand this can be an inefficient sending staff home but more importantly to greater population.
Here at Mobile Detail Solutions we understand how viruses & bacteria can spread and more importantly how to neutralize it. Using alcohol to wipe the dashboard and steer wheel is simply not enough and to be quiet frank just misinformation. We here at MDS use proper procedures equipment and our years of expertise to fight the spread of the virus.
Our trained staff have worked sites all over Alberta, BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and are no stranger to safe work procedures. Additionally, our crew will be required to wear masks, face shields, rubber gloves and a new disposable hazmat suit that will be discarded after each vehicle cleaning to avoid cross contamination from unit to unit.
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