Mobile Detail Solutions is your premier choice for your auto detailing needs. From fleet vehicles, such as semi-trucks, construction vehicles, SUV’s, heavy equipment, and aircrafts, to residential vehicles, motorhomes, boats, and luxury cars, our team is able to effectively service your vehicles to your satisfaction.

Why Come To Us?

Helping Us Help You

Are you a fleet manager struggling to schedule time in to have your vehicles cleaned? Or is your car getting dirtier by the day, and you can’t seem to find the time to keep it at a shop for hours to get washed?
Well that’s where we step in! Gone are the days when you would be forced to leave your cars, trucks, and trailers overnight at a dealership, rearrange your schedule, or pay ridiculous fees for unnecessary features.
With a number of weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly packages, your fleet is in good hands. Our detailing solutions is available 7 days a week. Your customers will be pleased with the top-notch detailing seen in the fleet vehicles we provide.

Trusted Professionals

Our Ottawa location is an extension of our main office in Edmonton, Alberta. After servicing Eastern Canada for many years, we’ve chosen to expand to the nations capital.
We’ve worked with a plethora of customers, ranging from a number of government clients on the federal and provincial level, industrial clients, and dealership clients with a wide variety of fleet vehicles.
We are the best at what we do. Our extensive amount of experience, coupled with our fully equipped vehicle, tailored to meet all of your detailing needs, let’s us confidently believe that we are the primary choice for your detailing solutions.

An Array of Products & Services

Mobile Detail Solutions provides our clients with a number of incredible interior and exterior detailing services for all forms of motor vehicles at the location of your choice.
Our mobile unit is fully equipped with a number of high-quality products, ranging from Dual Action Polishers, High-Pressure Steam and Vapour Cleaners, and Nontoxic Cleaners, which allows us to better service your vehicles.
Keeping your fleet looking good as new is imperative to our company, so we ensure each vehicle is given the highest level of personalized care. Whether your vehicles are in need of a wax, polish, or exterior wash, we have the equipment to do all of that and much more.

Our Services

We’re Friends of the Environment

Our equipment is all eco-friendly, which includes, but is not limited to our water reclamation vacuum, our water containment mats to ensure wash water doesn’t enter to storm drain, as well as our low-pressure washer systems. All of our cleaning and protectant products are phosphate-free, nontoxic, and completely biodegradable. Our vapour steaming solution provides cars with a waterless method that will not leave your interior wet. This chemical-free solution completely minimizes the potential for mold or fungus to develop within your car from a build up of moisture.
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